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Big explosions happened at a store in Detroit that sells vaping stuff. Canisters and switch blades got thrown into the air because of the fire

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Officials believe that the place in Michigan where they sell vaping stuff and caught fire on Monday had things it shouldn’t have. The authorities say they found out that they were secretly keeping dangerous stuff like butane in there.

A 19-year-old guy got hit by flying stuff, and a firefighter got hurt because of explosions. The boss of the town, Robert Cannon, said they weren’t allowed to have that butane – it’s super flammable.

“They weren’t supposed to have that stuff in there,” Cannon told the reporters.

They’re trying to figure out what exactly was stored there and how much. The fire chief, Tim Duncan, said they got permission to run a shop with a little storage space. But recently, they got a bunch of butane, and there’s still a lot left, along with other dangerous stuff.

The place is called Goo LLC, and it’s permitted to be a shop selling things and storing some stuff in a former supermarket. The authorities say they found out that in the past week, they got more than 100,000 vaping pens and a truckload of butane, plus other stuff.

When Goo got its permission, it was just supposed to have a front area for selling and a small back room for storing stuff, according to Barry Miller, the building guy.

CNN reached out to one of the owners of Goo for a comment.

The officials are still looking into what happened. The business was closed, but workers were there filling online orders when things went wrong.

The fire is kind of in control now, but some piles are still smoking with occasional explosions. The town is in a state of emergency.

In 2022, the building authorities checked Goo, but they didn’t find any canisters back then. The fire chief says if they didn’t have those tanks, this wouldn’t have happened.

“There’s a limit to how many canisters they should have had, and obviously, they had way more than that,” Miller said.

Besides the canisters, they found other dangerous stuff that flew through the air during the explosions – like butane, lithium batteries, switch blades, and knives.

The police and ATF talked to two business owners on Monday night.

It’s hard to tell how much stuff was in the building because a lot blew up and is now scattered around the town. They say there’s debris as far as 2 miles away.

Duncan, the fire chief, was quite a distance away when he got the call about the fire. The explosions were so strong that he could hear them from that far away and feel them in his vehicle.

They worked all night and into the early morning on Tuesday, cleaning up debris and making sure things were safe.

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