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Big booms happened at a store selling vaping stuff near Detroit. Canisters and switch blades got thrown into the air during the fire

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Officials suspect that the Michigan shop, known as Goo LLC, which caught fire on Monday night in Clinton Township, was illegally storing hazardous materials, including butane. The incident resulted in the death of a 19-year-old man and injured a firefighter due to explosions.

According to Clinton Township Supervisor Robert Cannon, the shop was not authorized to store butane, a highly flammable substance. The authorities are looking into the materials stored at the site and their quantities.

The shop, initially permitted to operate as a retail business, had recently received a large shipment of butane, nitrous oxide, propane, and other products, according to Clinton Township Fire Chief Tim Duncan. The business was inspected in 2022, and at that time, no canisters were found.

Despite being designated as a storefront with limited storage space, the shop reportedly had over 100,000 vape pens and exceeded the allowable quantity of canisters. Debris, including canisters, lithium batteries, switch blades, and knives, was scattered up to 2 miles away.

The explosions were so intense that they could be heard several miles from the scene. The fire is now under control, but some debris piles are still smoking, with occasional canister explosions. The township is currently under a state of emergency.

The 19-year-old victim, a local resident, was struck on the head about a quarter-mile away from the fire. A firefighter was also injured but is expected to recover.

Authorities are investigating the incident, and Clinton Township Supervisor Robert Cannon emphasized the importance of safety as they assess the situation. The hazmat team has confirmed no immediate danger to the community regarding air quality or drinking water issues, but residents are advised to stay away from the area until further notice.

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