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Biden urges Trump to unlock the immigration plan while both visit the border at the same time.

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In Brownsville and Eagle Pass, Texas, on February 29, President Joe Biden asked Donald Trump to join forces and support a plan stuck in Congress to reduce migrant crossings. This happened during their separate visits to the border, a significant topic leading up to the November election. Biden spoke in Brownsville, criticizing Republicans for turning down a joint effort to strengthen immigration rules. He pointed out that Trump had advised them against passing it, wanting to avoid giving the president a victory.

Biden and Trump, the ex-Republican president trying for the White House again, seem to be heading for a showdown in a tight election on November 5th. It looks like a heated rematch of the 2020 contest, according to polls.

Now, talking to Mr. Trump, here’s my message: Instead of telling Congress members to stop this law, let’s team up. Either you join me, or I’ll join you, in asking Congress to approve this bipartisan security bill. I want people to understand why there’s no action, but I also want to get things done.

After talking with border patrol officers and folks on the field, Biden mentioned they really require extra support. Trump also spoke with local leaders and Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the Rio Grande before addressing the situation at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, where people crossing the border have been causing significant issues for authorities lately.

Trump stated, “In the last three years, there’s been a significant increase in people coming in under Biden’s watch.” He pointed out crimes committed by migrants and called the border situation a “war,” using strong language, similar to what he’s been doing more frequently lately.

He promised to bring back certain rules from his time in charge, like the “Remain in Mexico” plan. This plan made some people seeking entry into the U.S. wait in Mexico until their immigration cases were decided.

A group of several hundred supporters of the previous president gathered in an area overlooking Shelby Park. This place had been taken over to prevent people from crossing the border illegally. The supporters carried flags that said “Make America Great Again” and “Never Surrender.”

When Biden became president in 2021, he said he would change the strict immigration policies put in place by Trump. However, he has since taken a tougher stance. Under pressure from Republicans who blame him for not controlling the border, Biden asked Congress last year for more money to enforce immigration laws. He even mentioned the possibility of closing the border if he could turn back migrants with new authority.

The White House is also thinking about using its own power to stop more people from seeking asylum at the border, according to someone who knows about the situation.

Republicans argue that Biden could do a better job enforcing existing laws and making new rules without waiting for Congress to agree.

Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas teamed up during a visit. Mayorkas faced criticism from Republican lawmakers, who tried to impeach him for his border management. However, their attempt is unlikely to succeed in the Democratic-led Senate.

Mayorkas emphasized the purpose of their visit, focusing on their actions rather than others’ talk. Concerns about immigration are on the rise among Americans, according to a Jan. 31 Reuters-Ipsos poll. Seventeen percent listed it as the most important issue, up from 11% in December. Among Republicans, 36% expressed worry about immigration, surpassing the 29% concerned about the economy.

Trump, accompanied by Abbott, visited Eagle Pass, where Abbott’s administration is establishing a military camp to discourage migrants. Despite a decrease in illegal crossings in January and February, Eagle Pass remains a contentious topic in the border security debate.

Monthly illegal border crossings hit a record 250,000 in December but halved in January. U.S. officials credit this to increased Mexican enforcement and seasonal patterns. A Texas federal judge blocked a new law granting broad powers to officials for arresting and removing illegal border crossers.

Abbott deployed National Guard troops and implemented Operation Lone Star, using concertina wire and river buoys to deter illegal immigration. Some Democrats in Maverick County, a Democratic stronghold in Republican-majority Texas, are considering supporting Trump.

Wendy Riojas, a Biden voter in 2020, is undecided for November. She empathizes with those seeking a better life but leans towards the Republican perspective of prioritizing domestic issues.

Reporters contributing to this information include Jeff Mason, Richard Cowan, and Dan Whitcomb. Steve Holland and Costas Pitas wrote the report, edited by Deepa Babington and Stephen Coates, following Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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