Monday, April 15, 2024

Biden talks with Teamsters bosses aiming to get their important union support

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President Joe Biden met with leaders from a big union group called the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on Tuesday. He wants their support for the upcoming election in November.

Biden is trying to get the Teamsters to support him, but he’s also up against former President Donald Trump, who wants their endorsement too. The Teamsters have over 1 million members and are important because they have a lot of influence, especially in key states where elections are close.

Biden’s team said he talked with the Teamsters about how he supports unions and wants to make sure workers can retire with dignity by protecting programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Trump also met with the Teamsters earlier this year. Even though they endorsed Biden in 2020, they haven’t said who they will support in 2024 yet.

Trump wants to get support from union members, even though they usually vote for Democrats. He’s focusing on states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, where he lost in 2020 after winning in 2016.

Biden already got support from another big union, the United Auto Workers, earlier this year. They liked that Biden supports workers and even joined them on strike lines.

Biden says he’s very pro-union, but just because union leaders like him doesn’t mean all union members will vote for him.

Before meeting with the Teamsters, Biden’s campaign talked about how he helped unions and created lots of union jobs. They want the Teamsters’ support and think Biden’s record will convince them.

The Teamsters gave money to both Republicans and Democrats recently. Trump also met with their leader before, trying to get their support.

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