Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Biden shows a strong image that was lacking in his presidency but will be important for the 2024 election

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This version of Joe Biden could outperform Donald Trump.

During the State of the Union speech on Thursday night, the 81-year-old president worked to address a major concern among many Americans: doubts about his ability to serve a second term due to his age.

For a president, appearing weak is a big problem. So, every word, gesture, joke, and warning in Biden’s speech aimed to make him look strong and capable.

At times, Biden revived his tough, lively, blue-collar image from his earlier years in politics, like when he used the term “illegal” instead of the more politically correct “undocumented migrant.”

Addressing his weakness on the border crisis, Biden criticized the GOP for undermining a bipartisan border bill, accusing them of sabotaging it for political reasons. He highlighted that many Republicans originally supported the measure, mockingly reacting to their objections.

Biden’s energetic performance was less evident in recent times as he visibly aged and faced the challenges of his office. To improve his low approval ratings, typical for first-term presidents, he needs to maintain this strong performance in the coming months.

Biden’s response to Trump was noteworthy. It’s unusual for a president to spend so much time criticizing his opponent in an annual address. Biden repeatedly took jabs at Trump, referring to him only as “my predecessor.” This State of the Union resembled a campaign-style speech, with Democrats chanting “four more years.”

Republicans criticized Biden’s approach, arguing that he was too emotional and polarized the event. However, Biden sought not only to project strength but also to redefine strong leadership in his favor, contrasting himself with Trump.

While delivering his speech energetically, it’s uncertain how it will influence voters. Biden’s political position is precarious, and no single speech guarantees his reelection. The 2024 election represents a crucial choice between Biden’s traditional global leadership and Trump’s “America First” nationalism.

In summary, Biden aims to turn his age into an advantage, positioning himself as someone with a clear understanding of the American story and a positive vision for the future. The November election will ultimately decide which vision for the country prevails.

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