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Biden and Trump going to the border at the same time will show a growing conflict before the election

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Two leaders are going to the southern US border on Thursday to talk about the big problems with people moving in. This is a big deal because it shows why America’s politics, which are really split, have not been able to fix the immigration system that’s not working.

Joe Biden and the person before him and maybe the next one, Donald Trump, will go to different parts of the border in Texas. They will argue about what to do about the problem, which everyone now agrees is a crisis.

They’re already arguing about what they did when they were president about immigration, and this visit will be a big show of their likely rematch.

Donald Trump talks at an event called CPAC in Maryland.

Biden, who has been having a hard time with the border during his time as president, will go to Brownsville. This is after he started talking tougher and making stricter rules. The president wants to make the Republicans, including Trump, look bad. They crashed a plan in the Senate that had many conservative goals, and Biden wants to use this to his advantage. His first visit to the border in 13 months comes after lots of discussions in his team as the immigration crisis became a big problem. His team thinks that stopping the immigration plan gives him a chance to criticize the GOP.

But the big event on Thursday will also show how the tricky politics of the border make it easy for politicians to do things just for show and take pictures, making the split between the two main parties even worse. This has been happening for a long time, going back to the Reagan administration.

Trump and Biden’s visits to the border will probably not do much to stop the flow of people who are leaving their countries because of problems like not having enough money, natural disasters, drugs, gangs, and unfair treatment. This is a big issue for many developed countries and is likely to get worse. The problem is that the weak and split democracies are not able to fix the immigration system, and this is making it easier for leaders like Trump and European populists to use the issue to weaken the democracies even more.

Biden’s risky move
Biden’s team is taking a chance by showing the president at the border, which is a big problem for him. Even though they planned the visit before this week, it comes right after a voting event in Michigan where some people in the Democratic Party showed they are not fully supporting Biden. Arab American and progressive voters were not happy with how he handled the situation in Israel and Gaza.

But Biden’s visit to the border is part of a plan to be more aggressive in his campaign. He wants to fix problems in his group of supporters, like Black Americans and workers in unions, and challenge Trump more. This will end with the president’s important speech next week, where he will talk to a lot of people watching on TV. He will likely criticize the GOP for not doing enough about the border problem and try to make himself look better on this issue.

The ex-president keeps saying things, and he promises to kick out the most people ever in U.S. history. This adds to the growing evidence that if he gets a second term, it will bring even more problems for following the rules and democracy than his wild first time in charge.

When he’s in Texas, Trump plans to meet with the state’s national guard and check out Shelby Park near the Rio Grande. Texas has been stopping federal border patrol agents from going there. One of Trump’s advisors said he would talk about recent “impact stories,” like the killing of Laken Hope Riley, a nursing student, supposedly by someone without proper papers. Trump will also chat with Sean Hannity from Fox News.

Even though what happens on Thursday might affect the upcoming general election, it probably won’t fix the real problem with immigration.

To really solve the issue of so many people moving around, we need to deal with the big problems in the countries where they’re coming from. There’s a lot of disorder, corruption, and bad government in those places, especially in the Western hemisphere. Fixing this needs a big international effort, but the world’s leaders can’t agree on much, just like Washington can’t fix the immigration mess at home.

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