Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Biden and Trump are going head-to-head. What other choices do we have?

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The rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump seems likely, as they both dominated their party primaries on Super Tuesday. However, both candidates have their flaws and are not very popular. The upcoming election is expected to be intense, with Republicans trying to portray Biden as old and weak, while Democrats warn of the end of democracy with a second Trump term.

What are the other options? In past elections, third-party or independent candidates, although unlikely to win, played a crucial role in deciding the outcome. The Libertarian Party and the Green Party are potential alternatives, with the former having been on the ballot in every state in recent elections.

There’s also a new wild card in 2024, with independent candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West entering the scene. No Labels, a centrist group, is exploring the possibility of fielding a candidate that could be a mix of a Republican presidential candidate and a Democratic vice presidential candidate.

Getting on the ballot is a challenge for independent candidates, as seen in Kanye West’s 2020 campaign. Kennedy’s campaign claims to have enough signatures in swing states like Nevada and New Hampshire, while West is on the ballot in Alaska, Oregon, and South Carolina.

Polls are showing mixed results, with Trump leading in a head-to-head matchup, but when third-party candidates are included, the dynamics change. However, polls that mention third-party candidates by name may overstate their actual support.

Democrats seem more concerned about independent candidates, particularly opposing the No Labels campaign, fearing it might draw support from Biden. Complaints about coordination between Kennedy’s campaign and a supporting super PAC have also been raised.

Kennedy’s candidacy is causing worry among Democrats, especially due to his past conspiracy-minded views on vaccines. Despite potential challenges, Kennedy has raised enough money to be a significant independent candidate in the upcoming election.

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