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Biden aims to highlight the differences in healthcare between him and Trump during his visit to New Hampshire

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On Monday, President Joe Biden is going to talk a lot about health care while visiting New Hampshire, a state with many older people. He wants to share his plans for health care, which he thinks are better than what Republicans want. Republicans have promised to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and remove limits on how much people have to pay for drugs.

Biden’s team thinks health care is important for voters, but not everyone knows what he has done about it since he became president. He will ask Congress to make new laws on Monday to control drug costs and make changes to Medicare and Obamacare. However, it’s unlikely that the Republican-controlled House will agree before November.

Biden sees this visit as a chance to show how different he is from Trump and other Republicans. He won in New Hampshire in 2020, but this time, polls suggest a closer race.

In a state where many people are over 65, lowering health care costs is a big deal. Biden plans to continue talking about this during his visit. He already mentioned in his recent speech that Obamacare is essential, and he won’t let Republicans get rid of it.

Last year, Trump said Republicans should keep trying to get rid of Obamacare. Biden’s team used this to say that Trump has a personal problem with the law because he doesn’t like Obama. It’s a big change for Democrats who, a decade ago, had a hard time defending the Affordable Care Act.

Biden has been working to lower drug costs for the past three years. He is proud of capping the cost of insulin at $35 a month for Medicare users and wants to do the same for everyone. However, many people don’t know about these efforts.

Biden’s team also negotiated with drug companies to lower the prices of some expensive drugs, but many Americans are not aware of this. Only about a third of adults knew there’s a law that makes the government negotiate drug prices for Medicare users.

Despite Biden talking about it, not many people know about the federal law that limits the cost of insulin for Medicare users. There are also new rules to limit how much people have to pay for drugs in Medicare plans, but few adults know about this law.

So, even though Biden is working on health care, not many people are aware of what he’s doing.

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