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Before the tragic event at school, Ethan Crumbley penned down in his diary that he was trying to find the firearm his dad had stashed away

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In a diary entry before the tragic events at his Michigan high school, Ethan Crumbley wrote plainly about his intentions to locate his father’s concealed 9mm gun and carry out an attack.

“I need to find where my dad hid my 9mm before I can shoot up the school,” the then-15-year-old expressed.

This disturbing entry was shared during the manslaughter trial of his father, James Crumbley, by Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Det. Lt. Timothy Willis. Another entry revealed that Ethan claimed to have acquired a SIG Sauer 9mm firearm, stating, “The shooting is tomorrow. I have access to the gun and the ammo. I am fully committed to this now.”

Expressing frustration, he wrote in another entry, “I have zero help for my mental problems, and it’s causing me to shoot up the school. I want help, but my parents don’t listen to me, so I can’t get any help.”

Prosecutors argue that James Crumbley displayed “gross negligence,” failing to secure the firearm properly and neglecting warning signs of his son’s deteriorating mental health. Ethan ultimately accessed the 9mm weapon, purchased by his father on Black Friday, and used it in the tragic incident at Oxford High School on November 30, 2021.

James Crumbley, facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter, has pleaded not guilty and could receive up to 15 years in prison if convicted. His wife, Jennifer Crumbley, was convicted of the same charges last month.

During Tuesday’s proceedings, witnesses detailed the search and arrest of the Crumbley parents, and the jury watched surveillance footage from inside the school. The case raises questions about parental responsibility in mass shootings, with prosecutors arguing that parents should be held accountable for providing firearms and ignoring signs of mental health issues.

In a revealing detail, a detective testified that James Crumbley stored two other firearms in a gun case with the default combination “0-0-0.” The detective described finding magazines, a holster, and ammunition under the gun case during the search.

Despite James Crumbley’s cooperation in revealing the location of these firearms, questions remain about how Ethan gained access to the SIG Sauer 9mm firearm used in the school shooting, which had been purchased just four days before the incident.

Testimonies focused on the arrest of the Crumbleys as fugitives, highlighting their missed arraignment and subsequent apprehension in a building 40 miles from their home. The proceedings also included a detailed account of items found near the couple during their arrest.

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