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Apple’s event finally highlights things you need to know about iPhone 15 series

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Apple finally revealed the releasing dates, new and updated features, prices and accessories of the latest iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models in its ‘Wonderlust’ event held at Cupertino, California on September 12. The company confirmed that iPhone 15 will be available from 22 September, adding there’s no shoot in the prices.

While calling iPhone 15 “the most Pro iPhone we’ve ever created,” Apple revealed, this new series are updated with faster A16 Bionic chips, better game play and an all-new titanium body shell. As such there won’t be any supreme changes, but improved user experience with powerful and long-lasting battery performance is assured.

Apple announced the prices for iPhone 15 series as –

  • iPhone 15 – starting at $799
  • iPhone 15 Plus – starting at $899
  • Pro Series – starting at $999
  • Pro Max – starting at $1,199

Carolina Milanesi, a professional photographer and an Apple user said, “I was expecting Apple to try and spin the all USB-C decision in certain way, but they didn’t. they were very matter of fact in the way they talked about it. The updates brought some differentiation to the iPhone Pro, because there’s faster throughout for data transfer. That is going to be valuable for people using these devices for photography.” 

Bob O’Donnell, the Technalysis Research head shared how he was surprised by the steadiest pictures from iPhone 15.

What gives the iPhone 15 edge over previous series?

The latest models will bring an intense shift in user’s experiences with the Ultrawide band ship, that supports locating services three times better than the previous models. Moreover, updated voice isolation improved calling features to support you in those rare no signal situations.

Another major update for the Air pods users, you’ll be able to charge them via your iPhones now!

The models bring titanium-based body, with display sizes – 6.1-inch for iPhone 15 and 6.7-inch for iPhone 15 Plus. Further daily performance updates will be seen, one being updated display notch.

While the use of artificial intelligence in the new design build-ups were shared by an Apple executive. he shared how AI has been used for body detection, that would allow the Photos App to convert pictures into portraits.

Know about the charging features

Apple ensured in their event, that both the iPhone 15 models will support USB-C charging cables, and users will be able to charge their Airpods with their iPhones as well. This would remove the need for buying different chargers for MacBooks, iPhones and iPads, as users will be able to use the same cables for all devices.


Apple also revealed the two latest updates for subscribers of iCloud+ that drew the attention of the audience at a major level. The update brings the choice of choosing storage – either 6 terabytes or 12 terabytes according to user’s preference.




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