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Angela Chao, the CEO of a shipping company and sister of former Cabinet member Elaine Chao, passed away when her car ended up in a pond, according to the Wall Street Journal

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Angela Chao, the leader of a shipping company called Foremost Group and the sister of Elaine Chao, a former member of the US government, passed away recently in a pond accident on a ranch in Central Texas. The incident happened last month, and details were reported by the Wall Street Journal and Blanco County Emergency Services in a document obtained by the Austin American-Statesman.

As per the Wall Street Journal, Angela Chao’s Tesla Model X SUV went into a pond after a mishap during a three-point turn. Instead of putting the car in drive, she accidentally put it in reverse. Emergency responders arrived 24 minutes after a 911 call, but they faced difficulties reaching the pond due to the terrain.

The incident report mentioned that two deputies in the water requested tools to break the car window for a possible rescue. Despite their efforts, the attempts were unsuccessful. A dive team was requested, but none were available. Eventually, a tow truck with a longer cable managed to pull the car from the pond.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there were concerns about working with the electric vehicle, fearing an electrocution hazard. However, electric cars are designed to prevent electric shock risks even when submerged.

Emergency responders tried to resuscitate Angela Chao but were unsuccessful, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The Blanco County authorities are investigating the incident as a criminal matter, though it is initially considered an unfortunate accident. Requests for comments from Blanco County Emergency Services, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office have not been answered.

Angela Chao, one of Elaine Chao’s five sisters, was associated with Foremost Group, and Elaine Chao served in various government roles, including labor secretary and transportation secretary.

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