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Alien Mummies? A closer look at mummified remains of the ‘Non-Humans’

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Mummified remains of reportedly ‘non-humans’ represented in Mexico: Know the insiders

Jamie Maussan, Mexican journalist and UFO expert, represented the Congress members on Tuesday with two mummified remains of non-humans. Claimed to be about 1,000 years old and possess 30% genes not related to humans.

As per reporting of National Autonomous University of Mexico, these three-fingered species with elongated skulls were discovered in Cusco, Peru mines. They are light-weighed bodies.

The bodies looked just like the Hollywood movie props and fake. So far, if Jamie has to be considered then these unidentified species are real aliens.

According to Maussan’s Spanish attest, “This is the first-time extraterrestrial life is presented in such a form. And I think this is clear demonstration that we are dealing with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world.”

Alien Bodies had ‘Unique DNA’

Both the specimens were represented in glass cases to Congress. Reuters agency said, the hearing was focused on UAP in Aerial Space protection Law. If confirmed would make Mexico, the first country to have found aliens on Earth.

Reports state that these remains are brought from Peru mines from phytoplankton algae layer of earth. Upon testing, NAU, Mexico confirmed the bodies carried 30% of unique DNA. Said, “They are not a part of our terrestrial evolution.”

While one of them seemed to have ovaries, and other having metal implants, including Osmium, the X-rays revealed.

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