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After a dangerous operation on her spine, the doctor warned her against making any travel arrangements. But she went ahead anyway. Here’s what went down when she ignored the advice

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After a serious car crash in 2011, Pamela Holt faced a tough spine surgery 18 months later. It left her in constant pain. But Holt made a deal with herself. She aimed to travel again within six months and visit 80 countries before she turned 50.

Before the accident, Holt had already been to around 55 countries. But her injuries put her travel plans on hold. Despite what doctors said, Holt was determined to backpack solo through the Middle East after her successful surgery. She felt it was something to look forward to and it kept her spirits up during recovery.

Holt’s love for traveling started when she visited Hong Kong with her family as a teenager. This trip sparked her interest in exploring beyond her comfort zone. She took her first solo trip to Japan at 19 and lived there for a while.

Traveling became a big part of Holt’s life, especially after the accident. She found solace and joy in exploring new places alone. Even though she faced challenges, like rebuilding her career after the accident, she didn’t give up on her passion.

To share her love for solo travel, Holt created a TV series called “Me, Myself & The World: The Art of Solo Travel.” In the show, she explores different countries and meets fellow solo travelers.

Holt encourages people, especially women, to start small if they want to travel solo. Taking short trips nearby can build confidence before embarking on bigger adventures. She believes solo travel isn’t just for young backpackers; it’s for anyone seeking new experiences in life.

While Holt has now settled down and married, she still enjoys traveling alone. Her husband understands her passion and supports her solo adventures. Reflecting on her journey, Holt feels grateful for every opportunity to explore the world. Traveling has not only shaped her but also given her a broader perspective on life.

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