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Abortion matters most to 1 out of 8 voters in the US before this year’s elections, according to a survey by KFF

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Around half of the people who can vote in the United States think this year’s elections will really matter when it comes to abortion access. A survey by KFF tells us that 1 in 8 voters believes abortion is the biggest deal influencing their vote.

The majority of those who see abortion as the most important issue think it should be legal in most cases. Among them, about 48% would vote for President Joe Biden if the election happened today, while 26% would support former President Donald Trump.

Ashley Kirzinger, who works with KFF, says that though 1 in 8 isn’t a lot, it could be important in close elections. Black women, especially, tend to vote Democratic and have high turnout.

In the 2022 midterm elections, shortly after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, 27% of voters considered abortion a big issue, second only to inflation.

The recent survey didn’t compare how important abortion is compared to other issues.

More than half of adults say they want the federal government to make laws to protect abortion across the country. Only about 1 in 5 say they’d prefer the government to ban abortion, according to KFF.

The New York Times said Trump privately supports a 16-week abortion ban, but the KFF survey found nearly 60% of adults oppose such a policy.

The survey shows a big difference between Democrats and Republicans on this issue. Over three-quarters of Democrats want the government to legally protect abortion, while only about a quarter of Republicans do. Also, 75% of Democrats are against a 16-week ban, while 63% of Republicans support it.

When it comes to trust, 38% of voters trust Biden more than Trump to handle abortion policy. However, more than 1 in 5 voters don’t trust either candidate on this issue.

While many issues split along party lines, a huge majority of adults (86%) want to protect abortion access in emergencies, like miscarriages. This is supported by Democrats, independents, and Republicans alike.

It’s unclear how much the abortion issue will affect voter turnout until we know more about the election landscape, including state ballot measures, says Kirzinger. She notes that when abortion is on the ballot, it tends to lean in favor of pro-abortion, making it a motivating force.

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