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Aaron Rodgers, who’s been considered as a potential vice president by RFK Jr., has talked about untrue ideas regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy in private chats

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent running for president, mentioned that he’s considering Aaron Rodgers, the New York Jets quarterback, as a potential vice president. It’s come to light that Rodgers has been sharing bizarre theories about the Sandy Hook school shooting being fake in private conversations.

There are reports that Rodgers shared these ideas with at least two people, including Pamela Brown, a journalist at CNN. Brown met Rodgers at a party after covering the Kentucky Derby in 2013. When Rodgers found out she worked for CNN, he criticized the media for supposedly hiding important stories. He brought up the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, suggesting it was a setup by the government and that the media was ignoring the truth.

When Brown asked him for evidence, Rodgers shared various disproven theories. These theories were also part of lawsuits against Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, brought by families of the victims.

During one conversation, Rodgers asked Brown if she found it suspicious that there were men in black near the school, falsely claiming they were government agents. Brown found the whole encounter disturbing.

Rodgers declined to comment through his agent when CNN reached out.

CNN spoke to another person who shared a similar experience. This person recalled Rodgers claiming that Sandy Hook never happened and that the children were all actors. When asked about the grieving parents, Rodgers allegedly dismissed them as actors too.

Kennedy’s campaign announced that he’ll reveal his running mate on March 26 in Oakland, California. Kennedy mentioned meeting with Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura to discuss their potential involvement in his campaign.

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