Wednesday, April 17, 2024

A worker at Google faces accusations of taking important information about artificial intelligence (AI) without permission

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A person who works for Google got in trouble for taking secrets about how computers think from his job and sharing them with companies in China that do the same kind of work.

This person, Linwei Ding (also known as Leon Ding), is accused of taking these secrets and could go to jail for up to 10 years for each secret if found guilty.

The Attorney General, Merrick Garland, said they won’t allow this kind of thing because it could make America less safe, and they want to keep our important technology safe from people who shouldn’t have it.

Ding, who is 38 and from China but lives in California, is said to have copied over 500 secret files from Google in one year, starting in 2022. These files had important information about how Google makes their super smart computers.

Ding’s job at Google meant he knew a lot about how their computers work. He had access to the special stuff that makes Google’s computers so good.

After a few months of taking these secrets, Ding got offered a big job at a tech company in China. He even went to China for a while to help this company get money. People who might invest in this company were told Ding was a big shot there.

Ding tried to hide what he was doing while in China. He made it look like he was still in the U.S. even though he wasn’t.

Then, Ding started his own tech company in China, bragging that they could copy what Google does but make it even better for China.

Google found out about what Ding was doing and told the FBI. They said Ding stole lots of important documents, and they’re thankful to the FBI for helping stop it.

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