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A tragic incident at a Mississippi club resulted in the loss of one life and injuries to as many as 12 people, according to authorities

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In West Point, Mississippi, a tragic incident occurred at Club Oasis on Sunday. Sadly, a young woman lost her life, and around 12 others suffered injuries during a shooting, as shared by local law enforcement.

The incident took place early on Sunday during a party at Club Oasis, according to Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott. When deputies arrived, they discovered a 20-year-old woman had passed away, and the injuries of the other victims varied from minor to serious, including one person who was shot in the face.

Sheriff Scott mentioned that the party was promoted, attracting attendees from different counties. Approximately 90% of the partygoers were from outside the county.

Following the shooting, a security guard recounted chasing the suspected shooter, who was believed to be armed with a rifle. The chase led across a parking lot and a four-lane highway before the individual disappeared into the woods.

Reports estimated that several hundred people were present inside the club at the time of the incident. Authorities are working to verify the numbers and examining the possibility of having video footage from inside the club during the shooting.

According to Sheriff Scott, the club is required to have security cameras, but the owner claimed they were not functioning that night for unknown reasons.

As of now, no arrests have been made, and the investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Sheriff Scott mentioned the difficulty in obtaining accurate information due to the chaotic situation with numerous victims.

This unfortunate event adds to the alarming statistics, with 66 mass shootings recorded in the country this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The archive defines a mass shooting as an incident where at least four people, excluding the shooter, are shot.

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