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A terrible event happened at a private party in Arkansas. Sadly, two people lost their lives, and four others got hurt, according to the police. The person responsible for this tragedy is no longer alive

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Two people lost their lives, and four others got hurt in a shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas, as per what the police have shared. The person believed to be the shooter is no longer alive, according to law enforcement.

Around 5 a.m. on Sunday, the police rushed to a neighborhood where they found several people injured by gunshots, as mentioned in a Facebook post by the Jonesboro Police Department.

This incident occurred during a private gathering in an old building in the city northeast of Little Rock, shared police spokesperson Sally Smith with CNN, keeping it simple for folks to understand.

The suspect was familiar with the two individuals (a man and a woman) who lost their lives, and another woman who got injured, as per an updated Facebook post by the police. The two injured women were sisters, added Smith, describing the situation as a family-related shooting.

Three more people sustained injuries, as per the police.

The ages of those involved are not known yet. The male who shot was connected to one of the female victims, said Smith. However, the police did not mention how he passed away.

Even though the police are still investigating, they have assured the community that there is no ongoing threat.

This incident marks one of the 73 mass shootings in the US this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. A mass shooting, as defined by both the Gun Violence Archive and CNN, is an incident where at least four people, excluding the shooter, are shot.

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