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A person using a magnet to fish in Massachusetts found an old military object that had gotten rusty from being in the water

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One Friday, Sean Martell was using a magnet to fish in the Charles River in Needham, Massachusetts. He was live on his YouTube channel when he unexpectedly pulled up a military object. Sean realized it looked dangerous because he had seen similar things in other magnet fishing videos.

Sean immediately thought it could be a mortar round. He called the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, and they came to check the area. They found it was an M-65 ordinance, similar to a bomb from World War II. Another inert bomb was discovered near the Brooksville Tampa Bay Regional Airport during construction.

The bomb squad took Sean’s find to a safe place suggested by emergency responders in Needham. They safely disposed of it without any issues. The police spokesperson mentioned that finding such objects in water isn’t common during magnet fishing; usually, they wash up on beaches or are found at construction sites.

Sean, who shares his magnet fishing adventures on his YouTube channel called “Brockton Magnet Fisher,” plans to post the full video on Monday. Despite the unexpected discovery, he believes magnet fishing is a good hobby. It helps clean waterways and makes them safer for people and wildlife by removing impurities. Needham is located about 18 miles southwest of Boston.

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