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A person fishing with a magnet in Massachusetts found an old military thing in the water

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Sean Martell was out magnet fishing one regular Friday when he unexpectedly pulled up a military object from the Charles River in Needham, Massachusetts.

While live on his YouTube channel, Martell realized the potential danger of the object because he had seen similar items in other magnet fishing videos. “As soon as I pulled it out, it screamed mortar (round),” Martell told CNN.

The Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad arrived and secured the area. Dave Procopio, the media communications director for the agency, mentioned that they identified the object as an inert M-65 ordinance.

In a separate incident, near the Brooksville Tampa Bay Regional Airport, a construction company found what they believed to be a thousand-pound WWII-era bomb. The Citrus County Bomb Squad determined it was inert, and a team from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa will help dispose of it.

The bomb squad safely handled and disposed of the projectile found by Martell at a site recommended by Needham emergency responders. Procopio stated, “In our experience, it is not common for people fishing with magnets to locate ordnance in bodies of water.” He added that it’s more typical for such items to wash up on a beach or be found during construction.

Martell, who runs the YouTube channel “Brockton Magnet Fisher,” plans to share a full version of the video on Monday. He highlighted the positive aspects of magnet fishing, saying, “Magnet fishing is a great hobby. We’re cleaning the waterway, making sure it’s a better place for people and wildlife. It’s taken a lot of impurities out of the water, making it safer.”

Needham, Massachusetts, is located about 18 miles southwest of Boston.

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