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A guy got in trouble because he admitted to killing a teenager near a Virginia graduation event

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A guy got sent to jail for admitting he shot someone outside a Virginia high school graduation last year. The prosecutor, Colette Wallace McEachin, shared with CNN that Amari Pollard pleaded guilty to killing Shawn Jackson. The incident happened after the Huguenot High School graduation in June 2023.

Shawn Jackson, who was 18, and his stepdad Renzo Smith, 36, got shot outside the Altria Theater in Richmond. The police said Pollard, who was 19 at the time, had a problem with Jackson. They had some argument, and then Pollard went to his car, got a gun, and came back to shoot.

Police Chief Rick Edwards mentioned that the shooting caused chaos, with people panicking and falling to the ground. Sadly, Jackson’s 9-year-old sister got hit by a car during the commotion, but she had minor injuries. The shooting injured five others.

Shawn Jackson was passionate about music and wanted to become a music producer. His family described him and his stepdad as loving and family-oriented. The CNN article didn’t mention Pollard’s attorney response after the sentencing.

Pollard got a 43-year sentence, with 25 years being the active time he’ll serve. McEachin, the prosecutor, mentioned being relieved and happy for Jackson’s family. Pollard hasn’t been charged for Renzo Smith’s murder yet.

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