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A guy got caught because they used DNA to solve an old murder that happened almost 40 years ago. The police found out he’s connected to another crime too

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For over 35 years, two families in Virginia have been living with the pain of not knowing who killed their loved ones.

Now, there’s finally a big development in one family’s case, and hopefully soon in the other’s too, all thanks to some amazing advancements in science.

Back on November 14, 1986, Jacqueline Lard, aged 40, was seen closing up her real estate office for the day in Stafford County. But she never made it home. The next day, her body was found in a wooded area, hidden under some old carpet.

Just a few years later, in 1989, 18-year-old Amy Baker disappeared while driving back home to Stafford County from Falls Church. Her car was found abandoned, and her body was discovered nearby a couple of days later.

Despite collecting forensic evidence, the cases went cold for a long time.

But then, there was a breakthrough using DNA technology. Detectives submitted evidence from Baker’s case and got a DNA profile. Meanwhile, in Stafford County, another detective was using genetic genealogy to help solve Lard’s case.

They found a connection between the two cases through DNA, and detectives from both counties teamed up to catch the suspect.

In December, they identified a suspect’s family name using genetic genealogy. They got a DNA sample from a Stafford County resident named Elroy Harrison, and it matched the evidence.

Harrison was indicted for Lard’s murder and other charges, and he’s now in jail.

Though no one has been charged in Baker’s case yet, forensic evidence links the same suspect to her murder. Investigators are working on it.

Baker’s mother, Sue Baker, called the progress in the case unbelievable and praised the advancements in forensic science.

The families of the victims are hopeful for justice after all these years of waiting.

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