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A girl who was 16 years old disappeared 20 years back. Investigators used special radar to locate her buried body

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In Florida, they found the body of a missing teenager who disappeared 20 years ago. She was under a trailer, where she was killed. The sheriff, Mike Chitwood, mentioned in a press meeting that they never gave up looking for her. The girl, named Autumn Lane McClure, was 16 when she went missing in May 2004. The investigators collected DNA from her family, talked to her friends and possible witnesses again, and in 2021, found someone they think might be involved. Chitwood said they’re relieved she can now be laid to rest properly.

Two years ago, the person we were looking into passed away. Recently, we got some new info suggesting that he might have harmed and buried a girl in a trailer in the Ormond Beach area. Using a special radar, we found some unusual spots beneath the ground, different from the surrounding soil. This week, we dug and found almost all of the girl’s remains, about 99.9%. We sent them to the medical examiner to confirm her identity.

This whole thing started in May 2004 when the girl’s grandmother, who she lived with, reported her missing. We got a tip in 2021 that the couple she stayed with might be connected to the disappearance and burial of a missing teenager in Volusia County. The guy, Brian Donley, passed away in May 2022 during a medical procedure.

Investigators secured protection for the woman, who later revealed that Autumn had stayed with her and her partner. She disclosed that one day she walked in on her boyfriend strangling Autumn, and by the time she intervened, the girl had passed away. The woman claimed her boyfriend shared conflicting stories about what he did with the body.

Chitwood stated that Donley threatened the woman, saying he would harm her if she talked. Donley showed signs of relief in 2021 or 2022 when he discovered a modular home and driveway had replaced the trailer’s former location.

Last year, the woman informed investigators that Autumn’s body was buried where the trailer used to be. With the obtained warrants, law enforcement collaborated with the new homeowner to remove the pavement and dismantle the home for the search.

Chitwood mentioned that Donley had successfully frightened people into silence over the years. He expressed frustration, stating that Donley might not face the consequences for the harm he caused in this lifetime.

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