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A former police officer from Mississippi has been accused of making someone he arrested lick urine off the ground, which led to charges being filed against him

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A former cop from Mississippi is facing charges for allegedly making a person in custody lick their own pee off the floor of a holding cell, threatening violence if they didn’t comply. This officer, Michael Christian Green, is accused of violating the person’s civil rights under the color of law.

The incident took place after Green responded to a disturbance at a Sam’s Club in December 2023. Following the arrest, security footage showed the detainee trying to communicate their need to use the restroom. When ignored, they urinated in a corner. Upon learning of this, Green reportedly demanded that the person lick up the urine, threatening them with physical harm.

In the cell, Green ordered the person to get on the ground and “suck it up,” while filming the ordeal with his phone.

Green’s attorney hasn’t responded to CNN’s request for comment. He is scheduled for a court appearance on Thursday.

Pearl, a city near Jackson, garnered attention in 2023 when former deputies and a police officer pleaded guilty to abusing two Black men. This incident involving Green came to light over Christmas weekend, prompting an internal investigation by the city. Green was put on leave and resigned shortly after.

Mayor Jake Windham emphasized swift action and a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior within the police department. He apologized to the victim’s family and stressed the importance of upholding constitutional rights, expressing disappointment in Green’s actions despite his short tenure with the department.

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