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A famous soccer player got a six-year prison sentence for selling drugs, but he’s still on the field, not in jail

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Quincy Promes, a popular soccer player, has been doing some shady stuff off the field. He plays for big teams like Ajax, Sevilla, and Spartak Moscow, and even represents the Netherlands in international games. Sounds like a successful guy, right?

Well, here’s the twist. Recently, he got caught up in a drug trafficking case in Amsterdam. The Dutch prosecutors say he was involved in smuggling a huge amount of cocaine from Brazil to the Netherlands in 2020. They claim he played a big role in a trafficking operation.

The prosecutors are not happy about it. They say it’s bad because Promes kind of makes dealing cocaine seem normal and even romanticizes it. They’re upset because he’s supposed to be a role model for young people, but now he’s mixed up in this drug mess.

Promes got sentenced to six years in prison, but the catch is he won’t be serving time anytime soon because he’s living in Russia, playing for Spartak Moscow. The prosecutors say he didn’t get his own hands dirty; he let others do the dirty work.

Promes and his lawyers deny the charges, and they’re planning to appeal the sentence. They’re going to explain their side during a public hearing, but until then, they want everyone to remember that he’s innocent until proven guilty.

Last year, Promes got in trouble for hurting his cousin, and they said he has to spend 18 months in jail. His deal with Spartak Moscow goes until June 2024, but the team didn’t say if he’ll keep playing or stay longer.

A crime expert, Hans Nelen, talked to CNN and said people find it weird that Promes, who makes lots of money, is involved in bad stuff. He also mentioned that Promes showing off expensive cars and fancy trips on social media doesn’t look good.

The mayor of Amsterdam warned that Rotterdam is a big spot for smuggling drugs. The Netherlands is trying to fight against drug crimes, but there’s still a lot happening.

Promes hasn’t said anything about his case to CNN, and some people are frustrated that he’s still playing football while dealing with legal problems.

The Netherlands has had other cases where famous people, like fighters, were caught up in the illegal drug trade. The country is important for drug smugglers because it has big ports and is close to other countries.

Some football clubs are trying to help young players stay away from trouble by bringing in retired police officers or coaches to talk to them. Ajax, one of the clubs, had police officers come and explain the problems players might face, especially with social media.

A guy who worked with Ajax for a long time said they try to teach players to be responsible and set a good example, but not everyone follows the rules.

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