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A court has ruled against Florida’s ‘Stop WOKE Act,’ saying it goes against the First Amendment. The ruling blocks a portion of the bill

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President Joe Biden gathered at least $42 million for his campaign and the Democratic Party in February. Campaign officials shared with CNN that this total was driven by strong grassroots donations, showing a level of excitement for the president that hasn’t been fully acknowledged.

According to Biden’s campaign team, the grassroots fundraising in the past month included nearly $2 million on the last day of February, making it the second-best day for grassroots fundraising in this election cycle. This reflects the effectiveness of their grassroots fundraising efforts, highlighting the enthusiasm among Joe Biden’s supporters.

Despite concerns about a lack of enthusiasm for Biden’s reelection, his team believes that the strength of their grassroots fundraising is directly linked to the excitement for Biden as a candidate. Deputy campaign manager Rob Flaherty emphasized the effectiveness of their fundraising operation and the existence of enthusiastic Joe Biden donors.

On February 29, the campaign encouraged donations tied to the month’s end and promoted an upcoming event featuring Biden alongside former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. However, this day was not defined by a major news story or an unusual fundraising push.

An email sent to supporters under first lady Dr. Jill Biden’s name on February 12, criticizing a report about Biden’s handling of classified documents, turned out to be the second-best-performing fundraising email of the election cycle so far, according to campaign officials.

In January, the Biden campaign raised more than $42 million, ending the month with $130 million on hand – the largest figure amassed by a Democratic presidential candidate at that point in the election cycle.

About a third of the campaign’s grassroots contributors, roughly a million people making small-dollar donations and not attending fundraisers, are new donors who had not previously supported Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, indicating room for growth in fundraising.

The campaign interprets this data as a sign that there’s potential for more fundraising support as Election Day approaches. While many grassroots donors are enthusiastic supporters of Biden and Harris, the campaign believes there are still voters described as “I want to stop Donald Trump” voters that they can tap into for additional support.

The campaign is also noting the effectiveness of warning about a second Trump term, as seen in a surge of $1.6 million in grassroots donations within 48 hours after the South Carolina primary. The content focused on highlighting the risks of a Trump reelection, resonating with donors concerned about the possibility.

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