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A big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs admitted to robbing a bank and hiding the stolen money

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A big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, known as ChiefsAholic, has admitted to doing some bad stuff. He confessed to robbing banks and credit unions in seven states and then using the stolen money to gamble at casinos. The person, also called Babudar, dressed up like a wolf at NFL games. The US Attorney, Teresa Moore, said he tried hiding the stolen cash by gambling online and at casinos, but eventually, he got caught.

Now, he might go to federal prison for up to 50 years without a chance of parole. The sentencing will happen on July 10. As part of his deal, Babudar has to pay at least $532,675 to the banks he stole from. He also has to give up any belongings connected to his illegal money activities, including a painting of Patrick Mahomes II, the Chiefs’ quarterback, which the FBI found.

The whole stealing and gambling story began in March 2022 when he robbed an Iowa bank, wearing a ski mask and showing a note saying he had a gun. The next month, he robbed a Nebraska bank with an actual firearm. In June, Babudar made two bets at an Illinois casino, winning both. One was about Mahomes being the Most Valuable Player at Super Bowl LVII, and the other was about the Chiefs winning the game.

Babudar robbed banks and other money places, sometimes using a gun. He got caught in December 2022 after robbing an Oklahoma credit union but was let go on bail in February.

In the following month, an Illinois casino sent him $100,000 for winning a Super Bowl bet. Soon after, he escaped by cutting off his ankle monitor, used the money to buy a car, and kept robbing banks until his arrest in July in California.

The prosecutor, Moore, said Babudar’s crime spree affected bank workers and financial places in seven states. He will be held responsible for all his crimes, including trying to escape from the law.

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