Sunday, April 14, 2024

A big city on the West Coast is facing a serious problem with a dangerous drug called fentanyl. Dealing with this issue and finding solutions is a tough task

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Riding through a big city on the West Coast, police Officer Donny Mathew saw something shiny in someone’s hand. It was aluminum foil reflecting light. Mathew knew the person was using it to cook something. What was cooking? Fentanyl, a dangerous drug that’s causing a lot of harm in places like Portland, Oregon.

The person was still using it when the police arrived. Mathew gave him a card with a number to call for help. If he called, he could get rid of his fine and maybe get help to stop using drugs.

The city’s leaders, like Governor Tina Kotek, declared a state of emergency because of fentanyl. They want to stop people from getting addicted and dying from it. They’re trying new things, like giving out cards for help and arresting drug dealers.

Fentanyl is very strong and very cheap. It’s causing a lot of deaths, not just in Portland, but all over the country. People are working together to fight it, but it’s not easy.

They’re trying to get more people into treatment and give out medicine that can reverse overdoses. But it’s not just about treating the addiction, it’s also about helping people with other problems, like finding a place to live.

It’s tough for people to ask for help sometimes. But as long as we remember that they’re human beings who need support, we can make a difference.

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