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5 people and the person who shot them were found in a house in the Philadelphia area that was set on fire. The police who came to help were also shot

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Officials believe they found the bodies of everyone in a burned home near Philadelphia, including the person suspected of firing shots as police arrived, according to a prosecutor on Friday.

A grandmother identified her son, Canh Le, as the person who started shooting with family members in the house. The assumption is that they were shot, and then a fire was set, said Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer in a news conference.

“If the body found with the gun is indeed the shooter, the investigation will be closed because we would have found the person we believe killed at least one person in the home and likely killed the others,” Stollsteimer mentioned on Friday.

A medical examiner will now use DNA and dental records to identify each set of remains, along with the cause of death. The house in East Lansdowne will be demolished, Stollsteimer added.

On Wednesday, Canh Le argued with his 13-year-old niece, saying he would get a gun, according to Chin Le. After the mother and her husband left the house, he called 911. Three adults and three children were feared dead, including Canh Le, Xuong Le, Britni Le, NaKayla, NaTalya, and Xavier, the grandmother said.

Officials initially believed the person who shot at the officers responding to the incident was inside the home. On Thursday, authorities recovered the torso and a rifle from the unstable home as part of the investigation.

The time it takes to get better could be a long time, maybe even a few “hours” or “days,” according to Stollsteimer, who shared this information on Thursday.

Officials were trying to figure out if an 11-year-old girl got shot or not, and also who shot the officers. Stollsteimer mentioned this on Wednesday. They’re still trying to understand how and when the fire started and who is responsible for starting it.

On Wednesday, things got really chaotic in and around the house. A lot of flames took over most of the building, and all that was left was a burnt structure that sent out huge clouds of black smoke, as seen in the footage from CNN affiliate WPVI.

While the fire was still going strong, an armored vehicle rammed into the house at one point, as shown in the WPVI footage.

A neighbor shared, “I heard many gunshots, and I saw cops running from everywhere.” They also mentioned that authorities were shouting about an “active shooter.”

The family had been living in that house for at least five years, according to a neighbor who spoke to CNN.

When officers arrived to help, they faced gunfire.

On Wednesday, there was a situation where someone was inside a house and didn’t want to come out, according to a source from Delaware County law enforcement talking to CNN.

Then, just before 3:50 p.m. on Wednesday, the police got a call saying that an 11-year-old girl had been shot in a house near Philadelphia, as mentioned in a news conference by Stollsteimer.

A person, claiming to be a child, called the police and said they were shot, but it’s not clear if a child was really shot, said another source familiar with the situation talking to CNN.

When officers from three different agencies arrived, they were met with gunfire right away, according to Stollsteimer. Two officers got hit, but their colleagues pulled them to safety. Officer David Schiazza, 54, from Lansdowne Police Department, got shot in the leg and was released from the hospital on Thursday. Officer John Meehan, 44, from East Lansdowne Police Department, got shot in the left arm and had a long surgery; he was expected to be released by Friday. Both have been serving for 22 years in their respective departments.

After the officers arrived, the house caught fire, Stollsteimer said. They evacuated the area, and the fire was mostly under control, though it was still smoldering on Wednesday night.

The William Penn School District is providing support to students and staff with counselors, as mentioned in their statement. They emphasized the need to be there for each other during this confusing time.


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