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4 important questions before Robert Hur talks about how Biden didn’t handle secret papers properly

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All eyes on Tuesday will be on special counsel Robert Hur, who looked into President Joe Biden’s handling of secret documents and delivered a big surprise with his findings about Biden’s memory.

Hur will be answering questions at the GOP-run House Judiciary Committee about his 388-page report released last month.

After a yearlong investigation, Hur found that Biden messed up secret material and leaked classified info as a regular person. But Hur said there wasn’t enough proof to charge Biden, and even if he could, he wouldn’t because the law doesn’t let him charge a sitting president.

But what really shook things up was Hur’s take on Biden’s memory. He called Biden a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” This raised questions about whether jurors would believe Biden was guilty of a crime, given his memory issues.

Here are four things to watch for in Tuesday’s important hearing:

1. What will Hur say about Biden’s age and memory?
Republicans will grill Hur about Biden’s memory problems, which his report said were serious. Biden and his supporters denied this, but Republicans jumped on it, saying Biden might not be fit for office, especially since he’s the oldest president ever at 81.

2. How does Hur compare Biden and Trump’s handling of secret info?
Hur will talk about how Biden and Trump dealt with secret stuff. Democrats might focus on why Trump was charged but not Biden. Hur pointed out that Biden cooperated with investigators, unlike Trump, who allegedly did the opposite.

3. How will GOP use this for impeachment?
Republicans want Hur’s testimony to help their impeachment inquiry into Biden. They’ve asked for documents from Hur’s investigation, thinking Biden might have kept secret papers about his family’s foreign business. The Justice Department gave some documents but not all.

4. How will Hur handle the spotlight?
This is a big deal for Robert Hur. He’s not well-known, but now he’s in the spotlight. Will he be like Robert Mueller, who didn’t give much away during his testimony, or more like John Durham, who was more open?

Hur will have to explain why he talked about Biden’s memory in his report. This comes just days after Biden gave a strong speech at the State of the Union, surprising many.

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