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3 simple stretches on the sofa to help ease discomfort and soothe pains

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After a tiring day, there’s nothing better than relaxing on your couch. But what if you could make this simple pleasure even more beneficial? By doing a few intentional stretches while on your couch, you can turn this usual routine into a self-care activity.

Here are three easy stretches that can transform your couch time into a therapeutic experience, offering both instant relief and long-term advantages. These stretches target the areas of our bodies that often get stressed in our daily lives, helping to alleviate and prevent chronic aches and pains.

Ready to try them out? Just go to your couch and follow the simple instructions below or watch the video for guidance.

Stretch 1: Couch Yoga Move
Stand in front of your couch and face it. Place your bent right leg on the cushion so it’s parallel to the edge. Step your left leg back, lowering your knee to the floor as you would in a kneeling lunge. You can use a pillow under your left knee for extra comfort. If your right knee is significantly lifted off the couch, slide a pillow under it for support.

Breathe in and stretch your body upward while keeping your back straight. Breathe out and bend at your hips to lean forward to a comfortable level as you feel the stretch getting stronger. If you’re okay with it, you can bend fully over your bent leg, like in a regular yoga pigeon pose. Stay in the position that feels good for you, take three to five deep breaths, and then switch to the other side.

Make sure you sense the stretch in the outer part of your hip without any discomfort in your knee or lower back. If you experience any pain, stop immediately and follow the adjustment below.

For the modification, sit on the couch with both feet on the floor. Bring your right leg up, bending it, and place your ankle on your left leg, just above your knee, forming a figure-four position. As mentioned earlier, lengthen your upper body and lean forward to increase the stretching sensation in your hip. Hold this position, breathe, and then repeat on the opposite side.

Activities such as walking and yoga can be effective in treating depression, according to the research. These simple activities can be as effective as therapy for treating depression, as per the study.

Stretch 2: Release the Quad and Hip Flexor
Stand in front of your couch, facing away from it. Step your right foot forward and bend your knee, similar to a lunge. Use an end table or the arm of the sofa for support. Lift your left foot behind you and place it on the couch cushion. Bend your left knee toward the floor as much as you can.

Adjust the position of your left knee closer to or farther from the couch, depending on how tight you feel, to increase or decrease the stretch in your quads, the muscles on the front of your upper leg. Just like in the previous stretch, you can place a pillow on the floor for extra knee support.

After you find where you are, breathe out and lower the bottom part of your ribs while tucking your pelvis in. Notice how this makes the stretch in the front muscles of your hip, called hip flexors, stronger. This happens because the biggest muscle in your hip flexors, called the psoas major, connects to your pelvis. When you tuck your pelvis in, it makes the psoas muscle longer.

Hold onto the couch or a table for support. To stretch your side, lift your left arm overhead as you breathe in and bend to the right as you breathe out. Keep in this stretch, bending to the side with your pelvis tucked, for three to five breaths. Do the same on the other side.

If needed, make it easier by moving away from the couch, keeping your back knee up, and skipping the side bend.

The data shows that exercising is especially good for women, reducing their risk of death. Women might reduce their risk of heart problems twice as much as men by exercising.

Now, try this stretch: Stand facing your couch, semi-squat with knees just above 90 degrees. Put your left forearm on the couch, centered and perpendicular to your body. Reach your right arm forward, inhale, and twist your upper body from the shoulder and mid-back. Your arm should end up above your head, with both shoulders in line. Straighten only your right leg, keeping the left one bent.

You might sense a gentle pull in your chest, the front part of your shoulder, lower back, and the muscles at the back of your upper leg. Stay in this pose for three to five breaths, then do the same on the opposite side.

Here’s a tweaked version of the text in simpler language:

This move is like a special stretch, kind of like a twisty dance move. I suggest everyone should try it every day. To do it without leaning on your couch, do the same moves as before, but instead of putting your left arm on the couch, put your left hand on your left leg.

Using treadmills can lead to many injuries every year. Here’s how to use one without getting hurt. Adding some intentional stretching to your sitting-on-the-couch routine isn’t just about taking a break; it’s like saving up for feeling good in the future.

So, the next time you feel like just plopping onto the cushions without thinking, stop for a moment and try out these easy stretches. Your body will be happy you gave it some extra care.

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