On Wednesday, an 11-year-old girl in Florida was arrested by Police officers after she pranked 911. The girl used a fake name, “Lilly Lee Combs” to message 911 and kept on pranking them for about half an hour. Her real name and image has not been mentioned because of her being a minor. She claimed that her friend has been abducted by a stranger in a white van and she had been following them through another vehicle.

The girl kept on messing with the officers through text messages saying that the kidnapper has a gun. Officers traced the phone to search for the missing child and on reaching the location, they were shocked to see an 11-year-old girl pranking them for her entertainment. The girl had to face felony charges for fake reporting and misdemeanor for misusing 911. Officers warned her that if she does something like this in future she will have to face ‘cuffs’. To which the girl replied, “I’m not going to do this again”. Officers took a really firm tone with her so that she could use this as a lesson and not repeat it ever again.


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